F.A.Q about Cubic


Frequently Asked Question

Q : What is CUBIC?

A :

Cubic is a business Incubator to help startups accelerate their business growth.

Q : What programs are available in Cubic ?

A :

We have several programs and processes for coaching entrepreneurs to be core in our program with facilities consisting of mentoring, coaching and Business Cubic Business Highway.

Q : How do you join Cubic programs ?

A :

Namely by following the process starting from registration, the administrative selection stage and the interview stage. We will inform you about the program details.

Q : When did Cubic open registration for new tenant?

A :

We open registration of Tenants for the PPBT program usually in August - September.

Q : Do Cubic have other branchs outside Bandung ?

A :

Currently we still only operating in Bandung, precisely at Workspace53 Jalan Naripan No. 53. In the future, it can expand to other cities.

Q : Can I do business consulting to Cubic?

A :

Cubic often creates startup talk and startup class events. For entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to attend events and also can consult directly related to business development.

Q : How to take part in Cubic event?

A :

Regarding event information we usually publish via social media, you can directly register at the link provided.

Q : How do i collaborate with Cubic?

A :

If you want to do a collaboration with Cubic, you can directly contact us in all of our channel.